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Mar 5, How to edit pictures and videos in Photos for Mac. How can I edit pictures Click on the Edit button in the top navigation panel. Drag the Light.
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Fotor offers the option of batch editing photos. For that purpose you can apply scenes, effects and borders, and also resize, rename and convert multiple images at the same time. Movavi is another interesting Mac app designed to improve the overall image quality. With a modern interface, the tool places at your disposal a large variety of functions, including cropping. In order to cut out parts of an image you can freely drag the handles of cropping rectangle, you can modify the width and height or just select one of the predefined aspect ratios, such as , or Besides removing unwanted objects or people from pictures, Movavi is also great for resizing, rotating, flipping or straightening manually or automatically the horizon.

You can also replace the background of your shots, fine-tune the hue, saturation or white balance, as well as apply a multitude of filters and effects.

Rotate an Image

The app is quite adequate for portrait retouching, giving you the chance to remove the red-eye, adjust the skin tone and teeth color or reshape the face. To help you improve the composition of your picture, Click 2 Crop places at your disposal a series of cropping guidelines, such as Rule of Thirds, Golden Section Thirds, Diagonals and more.

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Additional editing options include image resizing, rotating or flipping, adding text and borders, as well as applying color corrections and special effects. This app is designed to handle batch editing and to ensure that the process is quick and effective. Further optimizing includes the possibility to rename, resize, rotate, flip or watermark images in batches.

Step 1: Nothing to Download!

You can also enhance your pictures by adjusting the contrast or color or by applying special effects like sepia, vignette and black and white. The app offers plenty of options to cut out parts of a photo: you can freely drag and drop the corner handles of the cropping frame, you can choose a predefined aspect ratio or customize one to meet your requirements.

You have the option of resizing multiple images at once, with the possibility of resizing each image to numerous different sizes. You can also rotate and flip pictures. BatchCrop is another app designed for batch cropping images on Mac. The tool lets you manually adjust the images according to your necessities, but also places at your disposal a smart auto cropping feature that will analyze the photo selected and suggest a crop rectangle based on certain parameters.

Although the name suggests a basic app for cutting images, BatchCrop is more than that. The app comes packed with various features for image editing. You can resort to an automatic or manual dust spot removal, resize, rotate and flip your images, add text and frames, watermark them, as well as apply color corrections.

The letdown though comes from the interface, which looks rather dated and less intuitive in comparison to other apps. EasyCrop is an easy-to-use Mac app developed especially for cropping photos. All you have to do is drag a photo into the app, select the area you wish to cut out and resize it by using the slider. On the plus side, EasyCrop is quick and simple to use.

You can only resize, rotate or sharpen them. Skip to content. Top 10 Apps for Cropping Photos on Mac. BatchPhoto BatchPhoto is a Mac app that enables you to easily crop multiple photos at once. Each of these tools has an Auto option, which can be a good place to start, so long as you adjust from there. Even more adjustments are available via the ADD button.

At any time, you can Reset Adjustments and revert back to the original photo. Right clicking anywhere in the Adjustments panel gives you options like duplicating, hiding or deleting a photo. Have a Google account? Then you have Google Photos. The three sliders icon, fifth from the right, opens up a bunch of editing tools.

When you first open the tools, you just get a set of creative filters. You can also crop, rotate and change the aspect ratio.

Best Photo Editing Apps for Mac

Google Photos Adjustments offer many choices. Instead, you can download the photo to your computer and print normally there. In addition to photography, GIMP is used by artists and graphic designers. But Photoshop is not easy to learn either! It allows you to work in Layers, Channels and Paths and you can control the opacity of layer adjustments.

There are a variety of tools to make selections that are similar to some in Photoshop but go by different names. You can make Levels and Curves adjustments and create Layer Masks. It works on Macs, Windows, Linux and more and has a wide array of features. Darktable supports hundreds of different camera models, but not all.

Darktable works with most file formats, from individual camera manufacturers RAW files to jpg. It uses non-destructive editing and XMP sidecar files. Darktable supports 21 different language translations mostly European. The Lighttable mode is similar to, well, a light table, showing you a grid view of your images. All of the developing and image editing is done in the Darkroom module.

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You can do tethered shooting with Darktable, as well as use ratings, stars, color labels, keywords to filter and sort your images. It has some pretty sophisticated color management, lens corrections, chromatic aberration mitigation and noise removal tools.

ORGANIZE Your Photos On Your MAC!

There are also tools for curves, levels, vibrance, vignetting, and adding a watermark. Check out the More Modules tab in the bottom right for a very comprehensive set of additional tools. Darktable also supports layers and masks. You can also customize the right-hand tool panel by adding or removing tools and modules. While that may seem like a lot, try shooting a couple of weddings and some week-long photo workshops in beautiful places. This is a web-based image processing application. PIXLR is more intuitive than some other editing programs, but you still need a basic understanding of photo processing before you can go diving in.

PIXLR has some good tutorials, but not as many as some other applications, and there have been complaints about an inadequate Help section.

How to edit photos with Mac's native image editors

Having a web-based photo editor may give some photographers who spend a lot of time in out-of-the-way places pause. It works with Layers and Masks. You can find Fotor in the Apple App Store as a free download. It works on iPhones and iPads, too. There are also Windows and Android versions and an online, web-based version. Opening my first file in Fotor, I noticed that the colors in the image were considerably less saturated and vibrant than in other editing programs.

10 Best Photo Editing Apps for Mac – How to Choose the Best Photo Editing App for Mac?

In this instance, the Landscape Scene got my photo back to about where it was in other programs. The Effects tab gives you tons of presets and filters. I found the Focus tab intriguing. You can place a circle in one area of the image and change the apparent aperture of the rest, blurring everything outside the circle. I can imagine using this, although infrequently.